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The Friendly Club!

The St George Chess Club prides itself on a diverse membership with a range of chess abilities. We foster a social atmosphere for players of all ages and abilities.

The club runs regular internal club competitions and participates in interclub tournaments. More information about the activities can be found from the calendar.

Club Games: 7:30pm Tuesday nights, St George Leagues Club, 124 Princes Highway, Kogarah NSW


Dragons roar back to life at 2023 Big Boards!

Intense interest in the final game of the night.

After four losses to Norths over the last two years, St George put on a mighty performance to win the away match, 26.5 to 24.5. Charles did a great job of recruiting 24 past St George players to the cause, to add to the 27 combatants who are current club regulars.  Among the returning crew were WGM Jilin Zhang, IM Igor Bjelobrk and FM Pengyu Chen.  Many thanks to all those who heeded the call! A full list of the results can be viewed here.

Although we had more titled players than Norths on the night, we were still at a ratings disadvantage: Norths averaged 1617 to our 1555. But undaunted by the numbers, a dozen Dragons defeated their higher-rated opponents, helping to make the night a cause for celebration.

An annual event since 1987, the night saw St George take on one of the other big clubs of Sydney, Norths, in the first of two matches, this one being our away event. After the second leg, a home match in November, the overall winner will have the honour of holding on to the John Kellner/Terrey Shaw Trophy (see photo) for the year. A record of results throughout the tournament’s life can be viewed here.

Error in Calendar: There was an error in the online calendar’s dates for the away edition of the Big Boards match and the final catch-up night of the club championships. These have now been corrected in that calendar.  Apologies for the confusion and any inconvenience. In the the PDF version of the calendar, the dates were already correct, and it remains as it was.

2023 St George Club Championships

Charles’ newsletter for Round 8 is now out! For earlier editions, see the Results page.

The results up to the end of Round 8 (including the adjourned games within those rounds that have now been played) for all six divisions are up here. 

Most games from Rounds 1-8 are now accessible via the links in the tables at the top of the Results page. They can be viewed using a simple viewer, or, for more options, by using the Chessbase viewer.

The 2023 Club Championship started Tuesday March 7 – nine rounds, classical time-control. The turn-out was very pleasing, with sixty players. Thus, the tournament has six divisions, each with 10 contestants, of roughly equal rating.  The structure of the tournament is described here.

Upcoming Events at St George & elsewhere
St George Club Teams Tournament

Starting Tuesday June 13, this club favourite runs for 9 weeks. Ten teams of four or more players battle it out in a round-robin, classical time-format tournament. Each team consist of players sorted according to their rating: Board 1, Board 2, Board 3, and so on. Over the course of the 9 weeks, the Board 1 player of any given team will, play, in turn, each of the other Board 1’s, and the same pattern applies for that team’s players at Board 2, Board 3 and so on. It’s a great way of forging a sense of community across the wide range of skill levels at the club.

NSW Open

A three-day, 7-round, classical time-limit format. The tournament starts on June 10, 2023, at the Russian Club, 7 Albert Road, Strathfield, Sydney, and offers prizes across many rating divisions.  Registration is limited to 150 players, and is now open – see this brochure.