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Congratulations to Mario Falchoni for winning the 2023 St George Summer Quick Play tournament! John Stuart Plant was a half-point behind, and Malachi O’Donoghue came in third. See the final standings here.

Congratulations to Arthur Huynh for winning St George 2022 to 2023 Summer Championship, final results can be found here. Here all the rating-group winners:

            2023 Summer Open Lightning Prize Winners
            =1st Arthur Huynh, John Stuart Plant 8.5/9
            3rd Mario Falchoni 7/9
            1st Under 1700 Anthony Karnaout 6/9
            2nd Under 1700 Srijan Badam, Sean Pyke 5/9
            =1st Under 1400 Kevin Liu, Euan Marquez Zarauz, Pieter Stoltz 5/9
            1st Unrated John Abd-Mariam 6/9