List of Purchases so Far

NameNo. of CalendarsPaid/To Pay/Reserved Calendar Received
GM Ian Rogers1Paid Cash
Robert Kovacs2Paid CashYes
Peter Swinton 1Paid CashYes
Nick Kordahi1Paid CashYes
John-Stuart Plant1Paid via BankYes
Mal O'Donoghue1Paid CashYes
Geoff Hyde10Paid CashYes
John Parissis2Paid CashYes
Mark Boan 1ReservedYes
Steve Manwarring3Paid CashYes
Samuel Slingo1Paid via BankYes
Aaron Hu1Paid via BankYes
Huey Teng1ReservedYes
Charles Zworestine1ReservedYes
John Nichas1Paid CashYes
Dimitrios Stathos1Paid via BankYes
Scott Zhou1Paid via BankYes
Graham Saint1Paid CashYes
Sarwat Rewais1Paid CashYes
Andrew Li1Paid CashYes
Christian Lagarez1Paid cashYes
Wei (Yifei) Hu1Paid via BankYes
Harvey Zhu1Paid CashYes
Joy Liu1Paid by Charles*Yes
Richard Zhang1Paid by Charles*Yes
Alaina Vincent1Paid by Charles*Yes
Brendan Anderson1Paid by Charles*Yes
Daniel Melamed1Paid by Charles*Yes
Sebastian Jurd1Paid by Charles*Yes
Ingela Eriksson1Paid by Charles*Yes
Ashton Li1Paid via BankYes
Tony Lopes1Paid CashYes
Stephen Elliott1Paid cashYes
Roland Eime1Paid by CharlesYes
Peter Tsai 1Paid by CharlesYes
Scott Colliver1Paid by CharlesYes
Erik Staak1Paid by CharlesYes
Simon Hope1Paid by CharlesYes
Alan Goldsmith1Paid by CharlesYes