How well do you know the rules of chess?


Chess Tournament Rules Quiz

The quiz has 10 questions, and each question has a single correct answer.

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You are playing as black, and are well into the endgame. You now realise that you should have been playing with the white pieces. What should the arbiter do?

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You are playing a game under a classical time control, and you have just realised that your opponent made an illegal move three moves ago. It was their first illegal move. You call the arbiter. What should they do?

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In each of the two positions below (scroll down), can White castle on the queenside (assuming they have not moved their king or rook previously)?

















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On your move, you move a pawn, and before you have time to hit the clock, your opponent points out that your move is illegal because your king is still in check. Furthermore, they tell you out that since it is your second illegal move, you have lost the game. The arbiter is called – what should they do?

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You are playing a blitz game, and an arbiter is watching. They suddenly stop the game, pointing out that you made an illegal move two moves back. They reinstate the position before the illegal move, and ask the players to continue the game. What should you do?

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You are playing a classical time control game, and after 15 moves you notice that the white and black pieces had initially been set-up with the ranks reversed: the white pieces had been placed on ranks 7 and 8, and the black pieces on ranks 1 and 2. What should the arbiter say?

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You are playing as white, and your flag falls with the game at the position shown below. You tell your opponent the game is a draw, because he will never checkmate you. Your opponent calls the arbiter. What should they do?








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Which one of the following does NOT cause a move to be judged as illegal?

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You are playing as white, and one of your pawns has just reached the eight rank. You take a spare queen from the side of the board, and when your hand with the queen is still halfway towards the promotion square, you realise that promotion to a queen will lead to a stalemate. You now place the queen back by the side of the board, grab a spare rook, and swap it for your pawn. Your opponent calls the arbiter and complains that you had already committed to promoting the pawn to a queen. What should the arbiter do?

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You have just been checkmated after 7 moves when notice that the initial set-up of the pieces was incorrect: the kings and queens had been placed on the wrong colours. What should the arbiter do?

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    1. Thanks Robert, it was quite enjoyable and useful to think up the distractor options. In doing so, I sometimes realised that I hadn’t phrased or thought about the question’s basic scenario in the most meaningful way.

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