2023 Results St George Club Champs

2023 St George Club Championships

Brochure for the tournament

Update: A master database of all 238 scored games of the Championships!

With his Round 9 win against club president Graham Saint, Daniel Melamed (8 points) secured his place as the St George Club champion for 2023, holding off a strong challenge from John Stuart Plant (7.5). You can follow seven of Daniel’s games here. In Divisions 2 and 3, the top scorers were club regular Michael Babic and newcomer, Stuart Taylor. The next three divisions saw three players play their strongest chess so far at the club to claim the honours: Sait Buzgan, Faaiz Malik and Ethan Currie. The full list of Club Championship trophy winners for 2023 is shown below.

1st 2nd
Division 1 Daniel Melamed John Stuart Plant
Division 2 Michael S. Babic Celina (Yijia) Wu
Division 3 Stuart Taylor John Parissis
Division 4 Sait Buzgan TBA
Division 5 Faaiz Malik Kevin Liu
Division 6 Ethan Currie Lisa Brandenburg

The table below presents the results up to end of Round 9.  Note: Once you have opened the results page for your division, various other details, and perspectives, can be accessed via the menu items (Links; Players; Pairings; etc) which will appear either at the top-left or top-right of the window, depending on the browser and type of device you are using. Any points scored ‘in advance’ (that is during catch-up night games played for a round that occurs after the catch-up night) will be added to the calculations when the relevant advance round is actually played in the main tournament.

Div 1 Results Pairings Rd-1;  Rd-2;  Rd-3;  Rd-4;   Rd-5;    Rd-6;      Rd-7;       Rd-8;    Rd-9;
Div 2 Results Pairings Rd-1; Rd-2;  Rd-3;  Rd-4;   Rd-5;    Rd-6;      Rd-7;        Rd-8;    Rd-9;
Div 3 Results Pairings Rd-1; Rd-2;  Rd-3;  Rd-4;   Rd-5;    Rd-6;      Rd-7;        Rd-8;    Rd-9;
Div 4 Results Pairings Rd-1; Rd-2;  Rd-3;  Rd-4;   Rd-5;    Rd-6;      Rd-7;        Rd-8;    Rd-9;
Div 5 Results Pairings Rd-1;  Rd-2;  Rd-3;   Rd-4;   Rd-5;    Rd-6;      Rd-7;        Rd-8;    Rd-9;
Div 6 Results Pairings Rd-1;  Rd-2;  Rd-3;  Rd-4;  Rd-5;    Rd-6;      Rd-7;        Rd-8;    Rd-9;
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Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8
Round 9

A master database of all scored games of the Championships.

Most games from Rounds 1 to 9 are also accessible via the links in the two tables above.  The games can be viewed either by a simple game-viewer (e.g. click on ‘Rd-1;’, then click on the players’ names) or via the Chessbase game-viewer, in the second table (in which the link for each round includes the games for all divisions).   The Chessbase viewer offers more possibilities: analysis [cog-icon], board flipping, piece choice etc). It should work fine on all devices (please tell Geoff Hyde if any issues).  Depending on the device you are using, how you access the list of games in the division, and other features, will vary.

Newsletter for Round 1
Newsletter for Round 2
Newsletter for Round 3
Newsletter for Catch-up Night 1.
Newsletter for Round 4
Newsletter for  Round 5
Newsletter for Round 6
Newsletter for Catch-up Nights 2 & 3
Newsletter for Round 7
Newsletter for Round 8
Newsletter for Final Catch-up night.
Final Newsletter: Round 9 – and some Big Boards coverage

An information page for the tournament, that includes contact details of all the players, has been sent out to everyone. This will allow you to arrange an alternative time for any game you can’t play on the designated night. If you have not yet received this page (a PDF file), please contact Charles Zworestine at charlesz@ozemail.com.au